Nickel Plating

WPC has over 30 years of electroplated nickel plating experience to meet your industrial or functional needs. We have established capacity with four production lines in-house dedicated to nickel plating, targeting specific product lines and material types.

Electroplated nickel provides a number of functional properties including solderability, ductility, strength, corrosion resistance, fretting and fatigue resistance, and can serve as a diffusion layer barrier between a base material such as copper and an outer layer of gold. WPC can utilize copper as an undercoat for nickel to assist with adhesion and physical properties.

Looking for more corrosion resistance on steel? WPC offers Electroless Nickel plating that may better suit your application.

When considering nickel plating for your product, please determine and convey:

  1. Type and classification for ASTM B689-97
  2. Class and grade for AMS-QQ-N-290
  3. Type and nature of the substrate base metal (i.e., high strength steel will tell us that it is susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement and may require post-plate baking)
  4. Plating thickness range and possibly where is the most important surface location of desired thickness
  5. Significant surfaces
  6. Required undercoats or strike layers
  7. Any post-plate baking requirement
  8. Any specific testing required to the plated deposit
  9. Please convey if the part must be rack or barrel plated if you have already determined this
nickel plating

Specifications for electroplated (electrolytic) nickel plating:

  • AMS-QQ-N-290
  • QQ-N-290
  • ASTM B689-97