Copper Plating

WPC provides copper plating services for functional engineering and industrial applications specializing in electrical relay component and contact industries. WPC utilizes copper plating as a final stand-alone product or as an undercoat for other plated metals.

Copper plating can assist with adhesion on a difficult base metal and in some cases can provide beneficial fusion of metals if combined with a top coat of nickel then gold in a welding, bonding, or brazing application.

Copper plating is used as a low cost treatment for electrical and thermal conductivity, solderable surface, bonding, wear resistance, and lubricity. Plated copper finish mirrors the surface finish and appears semi-bright to bright.

WPC copper plating provides a finished product that is stain and water-spot free. We know that a tarnished copper component is unacceptable for a high voltage relay or connector and we are able to help mitigate tarnish with a post-plate tarnish inhibitor.

When considering copper plating for your product, please determine and convey:

  1. Classification for ASTM B734-97
  2. Type and nature of the substrate base metal (i.e., high strength steel will tell us that it is susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement and may require post-plate baking)
  3. Plating thickness range and possibly where is the most important surface location of desired thickness
  4. Significant surfaces
  5. Required undercoats or strike layers
  6. Any specific testing required to the plated deposit
  7. Please convey if the part must be rack or barrel plated if you have already determined this
  8. If reduced contact resistance or improved lubricity are desired, Silver Plating may be a better option
Copper 4x2.5

Specifications for Copper Plating:

  • MIL-C-14550B
  • AMS 2418
  • ASTM B734-97