WPC Completes ITAR Registration

Williams Plating Company, Inc. is now International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Registered. We are currently the only ITAR Registered electroplating company in Western North Carolina and one of a very small number in the state. As we move into 2018, the requirements of our customers are guiding our continual improvement as we seek out new certifications to improve the quality of our work.

ITAR is a set of United States regulations that exist to safeguard U.S. National security and further U.S. foreign policy objectives. Oversight and direction are proved by the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Commission and includes any items listed on the United States Munitions List. The ITAR regulations control the export of equipment, technology, and technical data that are primarily military in nature.

How This Benefits Our Customers

ITAR requires rigorous tracking and record keeping of all information related to military or defense end-use. This tracking and record keeping has been incorporated into all levels of policy and customer part management and processing including drawings and specifications.

Additionally, ITAR registration sets us apart from many of small electroplating companies who choose not to seek ITAR registration. Regardless of size, many suppliers are deficient in developing and implementing internal policies regarding this regulation, which can lead to severe civil or criminal penalties if the law is not followed correctly.

Registration supports our mission to provide excellence through quality work by continually seeking out opportunities to improve the services we offer. In addition to our recent ITAR Registration, we are working toward ISO 9001:2015 certification over the next 12 months. We expect to complete our certification within the first quarter of 2019.

For additional information on any of our quality programs (including more details on our ITAR registration), please visit our Quality Controls page.

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